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Ultimate Slimdown by True Health - 60 Capsules

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NEW Ultimate SlimDown™


NEW one-of-a-kind formula to help you blast body fat and shed pounds safely!


NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ is a revolutionary formula that works four different ways to boost your body’s natural fat processing mechanisms. You get research-supported doses of each cutting-edge ingredient to…

  • Break down stored fat
  • Increase fat-burning thermogenesis
  • Raise your metabolic rate
  • Improve blood glucose levels
  • Enhance your lean muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Support incredible weight loss success


Set up fat cells for the big burn with Meratrim® herbal extract blend


The first star nutrient in NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ is Meratrim®, a patented combination of sphaeranthus indicus flowers and Garcinia mangostana fruit rinds. Clinical research shows that this all-natural extract blend helps reduce fat accumulation in your cells by preparing fat particles for better natural enzymatic breakdown.

Impressive clinical study results:

In randomized, controlled clinical trials—the gold standard of scientific research—participants using 800 mg of Meratrim® daily, along with a 2,000 calorie diet and 30 minute exercise routine, for just 14 days…

  • Lost over 4 pounds—227% MORE than those taking a placebo.
  • Lost almost 2 inches off their waist circumference—403% MORE than those taking a placebo.

And after 8 weeks, the results were even BETTER! Those taking Meratrim® lost over 11 pounds and almost 5 inches off their waist circumference…PLUS they also reduced their hip circumference by 2.48 inches and significantly improved their BMI (body mass index)!

Source: PMID 23784895, PMID 23767862

Stoke your metabolic fires with Sinetrol® Mediterranean citrus blend

The next super nutrient in NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ is Sinetrol®. This polyphenol powerhouse is a combination of grapefruit, sweet orange fruit, blood orange fruit and guarana seed extracts. Together they deliver impressive fat-burning benefits by coaxing the body to use stored fatty acids for energy.

In clinical research, participants using Sinetrol® had a significant reduction in waist and hip circumference, as well as reduced abdominal fat and body weight compared to those using a placebo. Even better, Sinetrol® helped decrease inflammatory markers and oxidative stress to support overall good health.

Tried-and-true chromium improves lean body mass

The magic of lean muscles


Chromium is a trace mineral that is known to enhance the action of insulin in your body, which in turn influences the metabolism and storage of fat, protein and carbohydrates. In research studies using 400 mcg of chromium daily, participants not only lost weight, but also experienced reduced body fat percentage and improved body composition.

NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ uses a special, patented form of chromium called ChromeMate® that is not only highly absorbable, but also has been shown in clinical studies to help preserve lean muscle mass, even during dieting and weight loss!

Outdated dieting methods focus solely the number of pounds lost as a measure of success. But the latest science has confirmed that this is just plain wrong…and also dangerously misleading!

Why? It all comes down to lean muscle mass. Fad diets often result in a rapid reduction of pounds due to the loss of water and lean muscle tissue in the body. That’s bad because lean muscle mass burns more calories at a greater rate than fat mass.

Simply put, your lean muscles are your personal metabolism boosters! So when you lose lean body mass, you reduce your metabolism. This helps explain the vicious and demoralizing cycle of yo-yo dieting, where rapid weight loss is followed by regaining the weight…and then some.

NEW Ultimate SlimDown™, with ChromeMate® not only helps you retain lean body mass, but also helps increase metabolism, inhibit fat storage, and enhance fat burning—all keys to successful and healthy weight loss.

Caffeine for a natural energy boost

Anyone who has tried to diet knows how it can be a real energy zapper. That’s what makes natural caffeine the perfect ingredient to round out the NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ formula. The 100 mg daily dose is similar to what you’d get in a cup of tea and is not only invigorating, but also helps increase your natural fat-burning processes.

CWith natural caffeine, NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ “closes the loop” on healthy weight loss in a way that no other weight loss supplement can. Specifically, the Meratrim® and Sinetrol® in this ground-breaking formula are both clinically shown to help break down and release stored fat. Then the caffeine steps in to increase thermogenesis, metabolism and overall energy expenditure. That’s great for ramping up your energy levels and for eliminating fat.

Finally say goodbye to unwanted fat—safely and naturally

If you’ve slowly added unwanted pounds over the years, or have had a lifetime of failed diets, then make NEW Ultimate SlimDown™ your secret weight loss weapon. Along with a healthy eating plan and exercise routine, this exclusive combination of four potent ingredients will kick your weight loss into high gear!


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