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Ultimate Probiotic Solution (Replaced Ultimate 3Biotic) by True Health

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True Health
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NEW IMPROVED Formula replaces "Ultimate 3Biotic"

Enhances microflora balance for comfortable, trouble-free digestion

You’ll “go” more often and enjoy satisfying bowel movements every time

Reduces gas, bloating and even improves stool odor

Supports healthy immune function

Delivers 25 billion CFU of probiotics for peak digestive and immune health New & Improved Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ is the only probiotic formula that combines the BB536 “super hero” strain of the B. longum bacterium with the advanced DRcaps® delivery technology to ensure you get live probiotics delivered to your small and large intestines—everywhere you need them. BB536 B. longum is one of the most thoroughly researched probiotic strains, with more than 40 published human clinical trials. And one of the most exciting benefits revealed in the research is increased bowel movement frequency. That means you “go” more regularly and feel more satisfied each time! The research also shows that this multi-tasking bacterium helps create a favorable pH balance in your digestive tract, which deters “bad” bacteria from colonizing there. Plus, it helps break down carbohydrates! 6 additional strains for total GI coverage and greater digestive comfort In addition to breakthrough BB536 B. longum, the New & Improved Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ formula contains six more powerful strains to give you total, balanced gastrointestinal coverage. That means you can finally get the digestive relief you’ve been searching for, with reduced gas, bloating and increased regularity! The exclusive DRcaps® technology allows vegetarian probiotic capsules to disintegrate after 50 minutes…far longer than the 5 minutes of typical capsules. This extended time means the capsule doesn’t start releasing the probiotics until it’s made its way through your stomach and into your intestines—exactly where you want the probiotics released. The technology is also resistant to harsh stomach acids, to ensure the capsule stays intact until it reaches your guts. As a result, beneficial bacteria in New & Improved Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ arrive alive and well in your bowels.

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