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Ultimate Lectin Defense by True Health

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Digestive Health
N-Acetyl Glucosamine
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True Health
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Improved food tolerance-especially to gluten, grains, legumes, nuts and dairy

Better digestive health-like less everyday stomach gurgling, cramps and gas

A Natural Defense Against the Hidden Causes of Food Intolerance

Some people can tell when a particular food they ate disagreed with them and will avoid it, while others have been eating foods that have been slowly eroding their health without noticing it because they have become used to the low-grade discomfort in their GI tracts. Many common symptoms are really the result of the lectin interactions with our cells. An example of a common lectin that many have heard of is gluten from wheat.

Lectins are specialized proteins commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and seafood, and especially in grains, beans and seeds. They are not degraded by stomach acid or proteolytic enzymes, making them virtually resistant to digestion. Certain lectins consumed in everyday foods can bind to cells in the gut and to blood cells, initiating a response in the body and contributing to such problems as digestive distress, bloating, and post-meal fatigue, etc. Ultimate Lectin Defenseā„¢ is a unique blend designed to "lock up" problematic lectins and potentially escort them out of the body. Take with every meal for better health now as part of a program of continued health for the future.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal.

Each bottle of Ultimate Lectin Defenseā„¢ contains 120 Capsules, or a one-month supply, if taken at the recommended dosage of 2 Capsules twice daily.

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