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Ultimate CoQ10 MAX by True Health by True Health

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Increases energy production in heart cells

Fights free radicals throughout your body

Supports your brain, heart, skin, eyes, and more

The ONLY CoQ10 proven to double CoQ10 levels for 100% of the people taking it


NEW Ultimate CoQ10 Max™:
Key ingredient: MicroActive CoQ10

Increases energy production in heart cells
Fights free radicals
The ONLY CoQ10 shown in a clinical study to double CoQ10 levels from baseline for 100% of the people taking it after 3 weeks

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the single best nutrient to energize your heart. CoQ10 sparks the production of ATP, the energy every single cell in your body needs.

Supplementing with CoQ10 becomes necessary as you get older. As you age, your natural stores of this critical nutrient plummet, making it harder for your body to produce the energy it needs. And there is no shortage of choices available today when it comes to picking a CoQ10 supplement.

Now there’s a whole new way to take CoQ10--shown to raise blood levels higher than other forms and sustain those levels longer!

NEW Ultimate CoQ10 Max™ gives you the most advanced form of CoQ10 available today—shown in one study to be absorbed by 100% of the people taking it! This is big news because most people don’t absorb the crystalline, or plain powder, CoQ10 very well at all. What’s even more shocking is that new research reveals that many people also don’t absorb much of the solubilized (liquid softgel form) CoQ10 either!

Now, you’d never know what you’re absorbing unless you had your blood tested. Well, that’s exactly what the researchers behind the newest CoQ10 breakthrough, called MicroActive® CoQ10, did. This new advanced form pairs CoQ10 with specialized starch molecules (NOT to be confused with crystals).

When increases in blood levels were compared in a clinical study, MicroActive CoQ10 raised levels 58% higher than solubilized (softgels) CoQ10, and 270% higher than crystalline CoQ10! And only MicroActive CoQ10 was more fully absorbed by 100% of the study participants. So odds are, if you’re taking any other CoQ10, your cells are not getting very much of it at all. A waste for your health and your wallet.

New Ultimate CoQ10 Max™ gives you 100 mg daily of new MicroActive CoQ10, so you can rest assured every cell in your body—including in your heart--will get the energy they need to keep you healthy, youthful and active.

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