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The Purity Pack by Purity Products - 30 Packets

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Incredible Value

Evidenced Based Nutraceuticals

Includes Perfect Multi Super Greens!

Multivitamin • Omega-3 • Coenzyme Q10 • Phytonutrient • Probiotic

Supports Heart, Vascular, Brain, Joint, Eye, Skin, Digestive and Immune System Health

Multivitamin • Omega-3 • Coenzyme Q10 • Phytonutrient • Probiotic
Advanced Multivitamin with Powerful Greens Blend
Our elite Perfect Multi Super Greens® is unique because it provides 60 cutting edge nutrients to support healthy aging, immunity, cardiovascular health, brain health and healthy circulation.* One reason The Purity Pack™ is so advanced is its provision of extra high levels of powerful phytonutrients from fruits, berries and vegetables. Each packet has the antioxidant power of more than 9 servings of fruits and vegetables or 10,000+ ORAC units (an antioxidant measurement), much MORE antioxidant power than many leading brands.*
Super Concentrated Fish Oil for Exceptional Purity and Quality
The two key active ingredients in Fish Oil, DHA and EPA, are widely recognized for their positive influence on many organs and tissues. Fish Oil comprehensively supports healthy heart and cardiovascular function, circulation, the structure and function of cellular membranes, healthy brain development and even healthy skin.* Purity’s fish oils are super concentrated and molecularly distilled, a process that removes contaminants and locks in the purity. Our Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil from Norway is lemon-lime flavored, non-repeating and ultra refined.*

Research Update-Fish Oil Benefits Cognitive Performance and Cardiovascular Health!
In a noteworthy new clinical study published in the Nutrition Journal (Nov 22, 2012) a group of 44 healthy middle aged to elderly subjects achieved better cognitive performance after taking 3 grams of fish oil daily for just five weeks. This placebo-controlled trial utilized the "cross-over" study method which means the participants took either fish oil or a placebo for 5 weeks, followed by 5 weeks off and then switched to fish oil or placebo for another 5 weeks. After taking fish oil, subjects had improved scores on tests of working memory and selective attention. Indicators of cardiovascular health also showed positive changes that were directly correlated to the gains in cognitive function.

Heart & Energy Support with CoQ10
Few nutrients for the heart have been as well researched as Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is a potent nutrient that mediates a variety of biological effects. In the body, it functions to convert (in the mitochondria) components from our nutritional intake into ATP, energy the body can use. CoQ10 also supports the body’s defenses against free radicals in its role as a powerful antioxidant. Studies have shown that CoQ10 supplementation supports cardiovascular health and normal energy production. Because of its role in energy production and its function as a powerful antioxidant, CoQ10 has also been studied for supporting healthy aging.* While CoQ10 is produced and stored in all human cells, research shows that as we age, the production of CoQ10 can decline and therefore, supplementation is of the utmost importance.*

The Probiotic Revolution
A probiotic is a micro-organism that contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. Probiotics are "friendly" or "beneficial" bacteria which when ingested help us maintain the health and function of gastrointestinal tract. Studies now show that an optimal "balance" in the microbial population is associated with good health in humans. The composition of our intestinal microflora is constantly changing, being influenced by factors such as diet, emotional stress, age and treatment with antibiotics or other medications. A logical approach to restoring the balance of intestinal flora is the use of probiotics. Purity’s proprietary “BioAbsorption Complex” featuring Bioperine®, and Lactospore® aid in both enhanced nutrient absorption and bioavailability while also providing you with the probiotics you need maintain the health of your GI tract.*

What Makes The Purity Pack So Unique:
Comprehensive array of essential vitamins and minerals
10,000+ ORAC (antioxidant equivalent of more than 9 servings of fruits and vegetables)
Proprietary “BioAbsorption Complex™” featuring Bioperine® and Lactospore® Probiotics for enhanced nutrient absorption and bioavailability*
Ultra pure, super concentrated Omega-3 fish oils
50 mg CoQ10 to support cardio health, skin and energy levels*
Reinforced with 800 mcg Folic Acid, 2000 iu Vitamin D3 and 500 mg Vitamin C
10 mg FloraGlo® Lutein proven to support vision and skin health*
SelenoExcell® 100% organically complexed selenium
It’s All About The Details
Just recently, scientists discovered that folic acid (Vitamin B9) helps maintain levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in humans. Vitamin D helps the body utilize calcium and magnesium. Lutein, a yellow pigment that supports the retina at the back of the eyes from sun damage and promotes a normal glare response, is also shown to be better absorbed in dietary supplements that contain Vitamin C. Selenium works with Vitamin E to produce an antioxidant enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. Boron has been shown to elevate Vitamin D levels. These nutrients may work more than additively, their beneficial effects may be multiplied when provided together.*

Powerful Immune Support
The Purity Pack™ uniquely provides probiotics, beneficial bacteria that put your immune system on alert. The Purity Pack™ also features the most natural Vitamin D3 of any leading multivitamin (2000 international units), enough for 98.5% of the population to achieve optimal blood levels which continually supports an army of white blood cells that protect the body. We are all just now learning how abjectly Vitamin D deficient most of us are. This much Vitamin D3 supports bone health, muscle tone, and much more.*

Lutein: It’s All About Looking Younger
Compelling research findings from a randomized, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial performed in Europe, illustrated several important benefits in skin from oral intake of lutein.* Study participants in Italy taking 10 mg of an oral supplement containing FloraGLO® Lutein daily for 12 weeks showed measurable increases in skin hydration and skin elasticity and a decrease in skin lipid peroxidation.*

The Top 10 Reasons to Take The Purity Pack™ with CoQ10:

50 mg of Coenzyme Q10 to support Heart Health*
50 mg of Pomegranate P40p™ to support Vascular Health*
1000+ mg of Ultra Pure, Super Concentrated, Omega-3 Fish Oil to support Heart, Brain & Joint Health*
10 mg FloraGlo® Lutein to support Eye and Skin Health*
150 mcg SelenoExcell® Selenium to support Immune Health*
900 mg High ORAC Phytonutrient Blend for Energy support.*
An Advanced Probiotic Blend to Enhance Absorption and G.I. Health*
2000 IU Vitamin D3 to support Immune, Bone and Cellular Health*
Vitamin B12 and 800 mcg Folic Acid for Healthy Homocysteine Support*
500 mg Vitamin C for Immune support.*
This product contains soybean and fish (anchovies, sardines, mackerel).

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