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TeloBoost Advanced Telomere Support Formula by Purity Products

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Telomere Length-a Key to Healthy Cell Recent discoveries in cellular biology point to a direct link between telomeres and longevity. Preserving telomere length is now thought to be a key factor in healthy aging at the cell level. By slowing down the process that shortens telomeres, cellular health can be maintained, which in turn supports health and wellness. And there is exciting news in current applications of nutritional science to cell health. Cutting edge research is showing it is possible to slow down telomere shortening and perhaps even lengthen telomeres. Exercise, eating a healthy diet, stress reduction and maintaining optimal body weight promote healthy telomeres. TeloBoostAt the Intersection of Science and Innovation for Healthy Longevity Research into the impact of nutrition on telomeres has now revealed that essential nutrients--vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folic acid in particularhelp maintain telomere length.* A cellular enzyme called "telomerase" regulates telomere lengthening. Vitamin D shows evidence of an ability to increase telomerase activity and lengthen telomeres in white blood cells.* Folic acid helps maintain DNA integrity by way of a biological process known as "methylation".* Healthy men with above average folic acid levels have been found to have longer teleomeres than folic acid-deficient men. Vitamin B12 is also known to support healthy DNA.* TeloBoost provides ample amounts of these three vitamins, along with five nutraceutical ingredients that also hold promise as telomere protectors: Green Tea Extract: In a study of Chinese men age 65 and older, telomeres were longer in men who drank at least 3 cups of green tea daily. TeloBoost provides an amount of Green tea extract equivalent to 3 cups of green tea. A study on mice found that EGCG, a polyphenol in green tea with well-known antioxidant properties, inhibited experimentally-induced telomere shortening.

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Helps maintain healthy telomeres, the "end-caps" of DNA

Preserves the cell's genetic blueprint and promotes healthy aging

Yelomeres protect chromosomes from wearing away too quickly.

Slows the Aging Process!

Slows cell damage caused by Free Radicals