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Pycnogenol by Purity Products

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  • Support for cardiovascular health, circulation, blood vessel health, immunity, brain function, healthy blood pressure in the already normal range, skin health, and antioxidant defense.*
  • Contains 70% Procyanidins-flavonoids from Pine Bark extract
  • 100% Pure Extract from pine back. No additives.
  • Over 200 Clinical Studies validating efficacy
  • Non-GMO. Every batch tested against strict purity specifications.

  • Pycnogenol Super Formula -- An Elite, Evidence-Based Nutraceutical Amplified by Pomegranate P40p
    By virtue of the 200+ clinical studies completed on Pycnogenol® (pic-noj-en-all) validating its efficacy for a wide range of human health benefits, Pycnogenol® is bestowed the honor of being one of the crown jewels of the nutrition kingdom.* Purity's Pycnogenol Super Formula includes 50 mg of this prized Pycnogenol® material augmented by the Nitric Oxide supporting action of Pomegranate P40p extract.* Experience the virtues of Pycnogenol® buttressed by Pomegranate, and promote your cardio, joint, brain and blood vessel health with this unique, dual-action combination.* 
    Pycnogenol® has a rich history dates back to 1535 when French explorer, Jacques Cartier, on his 2nd voyage to Canada sailed up the St. Lawrence River in Canada. During this frigid winter, Cartier and his men got stuck in frosty Quebec. About 25 of his men perished before friendly Quebec Indians came to their rescue. The Indians were knowledgeable about the healing attributes of nature and prepared a tea derived from the needles and the bark of specific pine trees native to the area. Cartier and his men drank the tea. Within days, as the reports indicate, the crew started feeling stronger. The tree bark proved highly effective and they still confer great benefits to those who take the standardized, clinically studied Pycnogenol® today. Pycnogenol® harnesses these unique compounds and is finally getting the attention it deserves. This prized material, Pycnogenol®, is now a patented, sustainable, highly-exclusive French maritime pine bark extract grown in Southwest France. 


Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels and Healthy Cholesterol Levels Already Within The Normal Range

Supports Healthy Circulation

Promotes Immunity and Respiratory Health