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Melatonin by Earth's Creation USA

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Highest Quality made in America at GMP Facility - Non Habit Forming!

Made with all Natural Ingredients, Earth's Creation Melatonin Helps Promote Relaxation & Sleep

Melatonin has been used for many years as sleep aid and to Combat Jet Lag

Healthy and Balanced Sleep Boosts immune system and extends life

Relaxation induced by Melatonin helps protects cells from free-radical damage

Keep your hair from turning Grey, with all natural Melatonin. If you no longer have vivid dreams, you're not producing enough Melatonin. Once we're over the age of 25, production of Melatonin by our body decreases every year, and by the time we hit 35, it could be down as much as 25%! Not only does Melatonin help you sleep like you did when you were younger, but it actually helps keep you looking younger.
For you parents with Autistic kids that won't go to sleep at nigh, one of the reasons is because studies show that kids with Autism have lower levels of Melatonin. They'll think the Sublingual Melatonin with B6 is a tasty treat, when in fact it's giving them what they need to sleep!

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