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Benfotiamine 150mg - A.G.E. Inhibitor (B1) by Vitamin Research Products

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Improves overall energy by maintaining healthy levels of glucose and leptin

Acts as an antioxidant to protect tissues from free radical damage caused by AGEs

Demonstrated to significantly support nerve health and conduction

Supports optimal vision and eye & Hearth Health

Enhances and supports kidney health & balanced blood sugar

Everyone?s familiar with vitamin B1, but not many people are nearly so familiar with benfotiamine, its synthetic, fat-soluble form. Your standard vitamin B1 is thiamine hydrochloride, which is not fat-soluble and therefore cannot cross cell membranes. Benfotiamine, on the other hand, is highly effective at increasing measurable levels of vitamin B1 in its active coenzyme form. In fact, benfotiamine is so efficient that it was patented in 1962 by its Japanese inventors. Benfotiamine, technically known as s-benzoylthiamine-o-mono-phosphate, metabolizes quickly to produce useable vitamin B1 for your cells; however, it doesn?t accumulate in the body, greatly reducing the risk of negative consequences associated with surplus B1. Benfotiamine?s safety has been demonstrated over twelve years of use in Europe, and the original patent states that benfotiamine is even less toxic than common thiamine. Orally-ingested vitamin B1 has an extensive history as a supplement without reported adverse effects. Vitamin B1 has been most commonly used to promote nerve health and optimal function, but also as an antioxidant. As time goes on, more scientific tests are being performed, exploring further possible benefits from vitamin B1 that may include vascular health, balanced blood pressure, brain health, cognition, and memory. Since ordinary vitamin B1 is water-soluble, that means your body can?t store it, so a constant supply needs to come from your diet or supplementation to ensure your body has an adequate supply. Benfotiamine vs. Thiamine (Common Vitamin B1) Vitamin B1 comes in two forms: the standard thiamine hydrochloride and the synthetic benfotiamine. Most common vitamin B1 supplements contain thiamine, while VRP features benfotiamine as the more effective form of this important nutrient. Benfotiamine?s unique open-ringed structure enables it to be absorbed directly through cell membranes, efficiently crossing the intestinal wall

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