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Advanced D3 Plus 3 Pack! by Health Resources

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Health Resources

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Advanced D3 Plus™

Natural supplement providing healthy levels of vitamin D along with nutrient cofactors for optimal use.*

Key ingredients include Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Omega-3 Fish Oils, Vitamin E, and alpha-linolenic acid.

"I feel Advanced D3 Plus™ is a very good product and I like knowing I am protected with quality Vitamin D especially in the winter months. Thank you for your great product."

-Linda B., San Antonio, TX

The Benefits of Optimal Vitamin D

The Vitamin D you get from sunshine could be your most effective weapon for maintaining optimum health. Unfortunately, as you get older, your body may no longer be able to efficiently produce adequate levels of Vitamin D just from sun exposure alone.

Optimal Vitamin D can support optimal:

  • Heart and brain health
  • Bone strength
  • Blood sugar metabolism
  • Immune system health

According to clinical studies, if you're over 50 and don't spend adequate time in the sunshine, you may be low in Vitamin D. Plus, it's difficult to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D from enriched foods.

Get all your daily Vitamin D with Advanced D3 Plus™*

Fortunately, you can get chole calciferol-the RIGHT kind of natural Vitamin D you need for optimum health-from Advanced D3 Plus™!

Advanced D3 Plus™ is the natural way to get optimum levels of chole calciferol (or Vitamin D3) which is absolutely essential for total body health. 100% safe and effective, this remarkable product from Health Resources™ can help you maintain the optimal health and function of several different body systems.

Clinical studies have shown that Vitamin D3 is key to nourishing and supporting your entire system, helping you maintain a healthy immune system.

With Advanced D3 Plus™ you get pure ingredients blended in highly effective amounts, so you'll get better results than if you took each one separately.

What Ingredients Are You Getting In Advanced D3 Plus™?

At Health Resources™, our nutritional supplements are designed to help you achieve powerful, lasting health. With Advanced D3 Plus™, you get six of the most powerful, scientifically documented ingredients for promoting bone, heart, and brain health:*

Vitamin D3-Known for its health-promoting properties, Vitamin D3 helps strengthen bones, promote healthy heart and brain function, and a healthy immune system

Omega-3 Fish Oils-Advanced D3 Plus™ contains two essential Omega-3s, EPA and DHA, which are found in coldwater fish like salmon and herring. These Omega-3 fish oils boost your brain function and are key to cardiovascular health.*

Vitamin A-One of nature's most potent antioxidants, Vitamin A helps your body's immune system. It also supports healthy teeth and bones and is key to healthy vision.*

Vitamin E-Advanced D3 Plus™ contains DL-Alpha Tocopheryl. This unique type of Vitamin E helps support heart health, brain health and cognitive function.*

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)-Important essential fatty acid to support cardiovascular health.* The ALA in Advanced D3 Plus™ is extracted from high-quality flax seed oil.

Customers Just Like You Are Praising Advanced D3 Plus™

"I am a beautician and my work is inside, therefore I get little sunshine. I've been using Advanced D3 Plus™ for about 3 months. This product is great. Besides, Advanced D3 Plus™ is all natural and good way to get enough Vitamin D."

-Grace M., Georgia

"I take calcium but have added Advanced D3 Plus™. I believe the addition of Advanced D3 Plus™ is the key."

-Adonna W., Texas

"I volunteer at preschool, nursery and public schools and need to maintain optimal health at all times. I have felt great since taking Advanced D3 Plus™. Our prayer is that Advanced D3 Plus™ would be used in every nursing care facility for the elderly to allow them to maintain their health and well-being."

-Mrs. Thomas N., New Mexico

Advanced D3 Plus™ Starts Working Quickly

Nutritional health supplements work differently for di fferent people. You might start to notice health benefits from Advanced D3 Plus™ starting in just a few weeks. You'll likely experience your most powerful health benefits after 60 to 90 days. Consistent use over time increases the effectiveness of Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3 fish oils, and alpha-linolenic acid. Best results can be expected when combined with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

Each bottle of Advanced D3 Plus™ contains 30 capsules, or a one-month supply, if taken at the recommended dosage of one capsule daily with or without meals.

Precautions: Advanced D3 Plus™ is an all-natural product. Questions about combining medications with nutritional supplements can be addressed with either your health care professional or pharmacist. Medications should never be adjusted without proper medical advice. Never add to a child's regimen without consulting a health care professional first. Consult with a health care professional before using this product if you are pregnant or nursing.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per
% Daily
Vitamin A (as palmitate) 5,000 IU 100%
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1,000 IU 250%
Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols) 30 IU 100%
Omega-3 Fish Oil powder
  (15% EPA & DHA)
200 mg *
Alpha Linolenic Acid (from flax seed) 7 mg *
* Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients:Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Contains anchovy and sardine.

Suggested Use:Take one capsule daily (with or without food) or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Caution:Consult your healthcare professional prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication(s), have a medical condition, or are under the age of 12 years.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.